All About YouTuber Surreal Entertainment

All About YouTuber Surreal Entertainment

Samuel, better known online as surreal entertainment, is a Swedish YouTuber and animator who uploads a wide variety of meme-style animations.

Surreal entertainment produces eccentric, meme-style, animated videos; the topics of these videos are usually inspired by recent events.

The eccentricity of his animations involve the characters moving in impossible ways, stretching limbs beyond natural limits and having deadpan, robotic voices.

Other comedic criteria include labels on items that either exist or don’t exist. He is inspired by fellow YouTuber Pamtri.

His animations are usually inspired by pop-culture and recent events.

For example, he has produced animations regarding internet memes such as Thanos, Fornite V-bucks, Big Chungus, powerful Shaggy, and Duolingo, to name a few.

His animations are produced on the animation software Anim8or, which is a freeware OpenGL-based 3D modeling and animation program by R. Steven Glanville, a software engineer at NVidia. He sometimes uses Blender too.

All About YouTuber Surreal Entertainment

He has 1.68 Million subscribers on YouTube as of September 2021.

Here are some of his videos


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