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Writers Of Badhaai Ho Withdrawn Nomination From Filmfare

Writers of Movie Badhaai ho Shantanu Srivastava & Akshat Ghildial withdrawn their nomination from filmfare awards

Badhaai ho has been nominated for “Best Original Story” in filmfare awards but writer shantanu srivatsava and Akshat ghildial withdrawn because filmfare included screenwriter Jyoti kapoor’s name

And both shantanu and akshat are not happy with it, they posted on social media about withdrawing their nomnation

Earlier screenwriter Jyoti Kapoor’s name was included in the nomination for Badhaai Ho, Then filmfare dropped it but now Jyoti demanded that her name should be included in the nomination, post which the writers of Badhaai Ho, Shantanu and Akshat decided to withdraw their nomination from the award.

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