WWE Triple H Celebrates Shane McMahon’s Son’s High School Graduation

Shane McMahon’s son received four years of cerebral education at Brooklyn (N.Y.) Poly Prep and his Uncle-in-law Triple H was sure to be a part of his graduation celebration over the weekend.

Declan himself shared the following on Instagram, stating, “Played the Game 4 years! Onto the next.”

Triple H being at McMahon’s graduation is a recent rare public appearance as fans have not seen or heard much from the Game since his WrestleMania 38 appearance.

Triple H walked out to kick off the second night of WrestleMania to thank the fans for all the support and love during what has been a wild year or so for The Game.

It was back in late March when Triple H announced his retirement from in-ring competition due to recent heart surgery. It’s been reported that Triple H is back in the WWE offices full-time, but his duties as Executive Vice President of Global Strategy & Development have drastically changed.