Twitterati's Schooled Richa Chaddha For Her Tweet On Indian Wheat   

Bollywood actress Richa Chaddha quoted a tweet of NDTV about UAE suspending export of Indian Wheat

UAE suspend export and Re export of Indian wheat for four months, to this news Richa Chaddha quoted: Welcome to the international economic impact of hate

She misunderstood or did not read the article and tweeted about International hate and Twitterati's in no time schooled her about the article

Rupen Chowdhary tweeted: Illiteracy has also also its limit !! See the hate of Bollywoodians for India.She is overjoyed to read the below news but that dumbo completely misread the news where it is clearly written that UAE to suspend export of Indian wheat but didn't suspend import of Indian wheat.

Another user root tweeted: This is what happens when you put lots of makeup and plastic on ur face that you can't even read tweet properly and differentiate between 'export' and 'IMPORT'

Another user explained it:NDTV and its typical followers didnt understand what this BAN means.  UAE has banned EXPORT of Indian Wheat, not IMPORT. It means no one from UAE can sell Indian Wheat to other countries for 4 months.

User : and she can become a great competitor to RaGa  News : UAE has suspended the "re-export" of Indian wheat and that means UAE won't export Indian wheat to different countries for next 4 months.This is the level IQ of@RichaChadha

Dismay of #India people who don't know the difference between Import & Export.. are regarded as intellectuals   Wise men say, only fools rush in @RichaChadha you need to use the thing between your ears before tweeting

Hum first hum first ke chakar mai popat ho gaya

and some one asked? What is the difference between Import/export ?