Tirupati world-class railway station: Netizens Are Not Happy With The design

Minister of Railways, Communications and Electronics & Information Technology, Mr Ashwini Vaishnav shared the pictures of Tirupati railway station and it seems like many netizens are not happy with the design

Minister Ashwini Vaishnav tweeted: Tirupati world-class railway station on fast track. All contracts awarded.

Many Twitter users responded to this and they feel the design of the construction is not related to the city of god Venkateshwara

One user wrote: Tbh this is looking like a Church or hospital building!   It Doesn't capture a single vibe of Tirupati, a major dev sthanam of Hindus.

User 2: Sad - Architecture has no relationship with the revered Tirupati temple or Balaji  ! Looks closer to Vatican style

User 3: So,Railways continues its "mockery" of Indian architectural style.  Earlier they had come up with LAZY and LIFELESS "re-design" proposal at #Madurai & Rameshwaram station  Kindly conduct a PRIORITY lookout for"ancient temple architects" who are rotting away silently into oblivion

This explained exact difference he stated: The #Tirupati Railway station should Itself represents the rich Cultural values,the Historical Nativity of Lord Balaji.But y u are Opting for a Completely Senseless Western Architecture? Not even a Single hint of Hindu Temple Tradition.Please change it like previous one.  Old New

User 5: This is hideous. It looks like a Cathedral built in a cheap 80s fusion of Gothic revival & Art Deco styles.  Tirupati is known as Bhagwan’s city to billions of Hindus. But even a hint of this tradition & culture of devotion to Balaji is completely missing in this structure.

Another user: Thousand year old heritage. Kaliyuga Vaikhuntam. People spend life time savings to visit Tirupati. For millions, it is their only annual vacation. Richest temple in the world (beats Vatican) . But the railway station will look like an ugly IT park. Inside and out. Pathetic.

All that is okay. But why do you have to go for such modern architecture. Tirupati is a temple town, literally a place where Lord Vishnu resides in Kali yug, also holds the glory of Dravidian architecture. Could have gone for mixture of the two.

India is known for its culture and heritage, why we need world class design when the whole world loves our ancient architecture.