The digital currency firm Edge has announced the launch of the Edge Mastercard, a loadable crypto debit card that doesn’t collect KYC data. Edge revealed the Mastercard on Twitter and told the company’s followers: “Zero fees.

Instant funding — With Edge Mastercard, everyone can now spend BTC, DOGE, DASH, LTC, [and] BCH instantly, with zero personal information required.” founder Gabe Higgins gave Edge props for the new privacy-centric crypto Mastercard.

“Kudos to Edge, sticking with their original vision of providing an easy way to secure [and] use bitcoin without compromising on privacy,” Higgins tweeted on Wednesday.

Edge’s card web page explains that the crypto Mastercard is private and complies with today’s financial laws. “There is no name or address associated with your Edge Mastercard, making for completely private transactions when your card is used,” Edge’s site details.

The web page further states: We protect your privacy while complying with all requirements for issuers, card associations, regulations, and local, federal and international laws.

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While there are no usage fees tied to the Edge Mastercard, the physical version of the card costs $20. The card is accepted anywhere Mastercard is supported, and there’s a maximum threshold of $1,000 per day in load limits.

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On Wednesday, edge co-founder Paul Puey explained that the executive is pleased to offer a privacy-centric crypto Mastercard. “Proud to announce the Edge Mastercard with no personal info required to activate or use,” Puey wrote. “Spend confidentially at any Mastercard accepting U.S. merchant.”


Edge, formally Airbitz Inc., was founded in 2014 by Paul Puey, Damian Cutillo, Scott Morgan, Tim Horton, and William Swanson.  In addition to the new confidential Mastercard, Edge recently adopted the Bitpay Payment Protocol, ensuring accurate cryptocurrency payments.