Takahashi Kazuki, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Creator, Passed Away

Takahashi Kazuki, a Japanese manga artist, credited with creating the “Yu-Gi-Oh” comic book series, was found dead on Wednesday. He was 60.

Public broadcaster NHK reported that Takahashi’s lifeless body was found in the sea, about 300 meters off the coast of Nago in Okinawa Province.

It was reported that he was wearing snorkeling equipment at the time.

The body was identified as Takahashi’s on Thursday after the Japan Coast Guard connected it to a white rental car that had been abandoned some 12 kilometers (7 miles) away.

The Coast Guard said that Takahashi had traveled to Okinawa alone. His body bore no noticeable sign of injury, and an investigation into the cause of his death has now begun.

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Takahashi’s agency Studio Dice turned the artist’s web page black.

Takahashi, whose real name is Takahashi Kazuo, and is also known as Kazumasa, started as a manga artist in the early 1980s but did not achieve great success until he created the “Yu-Gi-Oh!” a comic series (manga) for boys in 1996.

The series focuses on a boy who solves an ancient puzzle and awakens in himself a gaming alter-ego.