Suniel Shetty Commented On South Vs Bollywood Debate

Suniel Shetty's reaction to south vs Bollywood is winning hearts.

There has been an enormous controversy since Mahesh Babu stated that Bollywood couldn't afford him.

And now every actor and producer from Bollywood has been asked to react to the same.

Recently Suniel Shetty made a presence at an event where he was questioned about the competition between South and Bollywood.

He said, " I think the Bollywood vs south industry scene has been created on social media.

We are Indians, and if we look at the OTT platform, language does not matter there; the content does matter.

Similarly, this is the difference between Bollywood vs South industry.

I also come from the South, but my Karmabhoomi is Mumbai, so I am called a Mumbaikar."

He further added, " The truth is that the audience decides which film they should watch and which should not.

My only problem is that we have probably forgotten the audience somewhere.

We are not catering to them appropriately. People always tell me in cinema whether it is cinema or OTT."

He further spoke about how people question him about cinema and OTT too, " Hamesha mujhse log kehte hain cinema ya OTT.

Baap, baap rahega, baaki ke family members, family members rahenge." ( People always come up to me and tell me that 'a father will also remain a father and rest of the people in the family will be counted as family members)".