Sologamy Gujarat girl Kshama Bindu set to marry herself in India's first sologamy

A 24-year-old girl from Vadodara named Kshama Bindu is getting married to herself on June 11.

It is known that a marriage requires the presence of a boy and a girl or two people for same-sex marriage, but have you ever heard that a person could marry themselves? Well, a 24-year-old girl from Vadodara is marrying herself. Kshama Bindu is all set to marry herself according to rituals.

Kshama, a resident of Vadodara, is getting married to herself on June 11.  Kshama has done her graduation in Sociology and is currently working as Senior Recruitment Officer in a private company. Both her parents are engineers.  Her father is in South Africa, and her mother stays in Ahmedabad.

While most girls dream of a groom who will come riding on a horse and take them with them, Kshama found her groom within herself.

She is so fond of herself that she doesn't wish to marry anyone else. And so she decided to do the saat pheras by herself.

The preparations for the marriage of Kshama are almost done. She even ordered a lehenga for the wedding and distributed the cards.  However, there is no groom's name on the wedding card, but only the bride's name.

Although it took Kshama hours to make her parents understand her situation, they both agreed to her wishes.

The pandit also had to be persuaded to perform this unique marriage. Kshama will get married to herself in the presence of her friends, and her parents will attend the functions via video call. As for the honeymoon, Kshama has plans to go to Goa.