Shruti Hasan and Pulp Collaborated 

Actress Shruti Hasan Collaborated with Pulp for latest arrivals

Pulp, India’s first superfood skincare brand, has announced its line of products in collaboration with renowned actress Shruti Haasan, called Pulp X Shruti (PXS).

The PXS line has been launched with five products: three serums, one toner, and a facial mist - all consisting of the superstar ingredient called ‘Vitamin F’.

“We always wanted to work with an artist to collaborate and celebrate the spirit of authenticity and the skin you are in.

Shruti in her own ways has always defied the expectations that come with being a star. From being a style icon to a superstar to a rockstar, she has always been an inspiration to people who found themselves too different to fit in with the others in the eyes of society and this line is an embodiment of that fearlessness,” added Deepti Alapati, Co-founder at Pulp.

Banished - Retinal + Niacinamide Serum Regular priceRs. 599.00

Aquarius - Ultra Hydrating Tripeptide Serum Regular priceRs. 599.00

Spellbound - Salicylic Acid Skin Clarifying Serum Regular priceRs. 599.00