Shocking Twist In Anupamaa

In the current episode of Anupamaa, a huge drama unfolds at the Shah family during Kinjal's baby shower.

Large Radish

In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa, Pakhi will remind Vanraj of his past life with Kavya and make him feel guilty.

Large Radish

Pakhi will advise Vanraj and Anupamaa of finding love in old age. She also says that Vanraj was not getting married for the second time.

Anupamaa stops Pakhi from losing control over her tongue.

Anu tells Pakhi that she got married for the second time after making her career and asks her what she has done for her life?

Vanraj decides to teach Pakhi a lesson for life. But, Pakhi gets stunned after Anupamaa's question

On the other hand, Rakhi supports Pakhi and accuses Anupamaa of spoiling her kids. Rakhi humiliates Vanraj in front of everyone.

Kinjal loses her calm after her mother Rakhi insulted Vanraj. She tells Rakhi to leave the house.