Shinzo Abe has died

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has died, according to Japan's national broadcaster.

Abe, 67, who remains Japan's longest serving prime minister, was shot while giving a campaign speech.

The suspected attacker - reported to be a man in his 40s - was tackled at the scene and arrested.

Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sustained wounds on the right side of his neck and left clavicle after being shot, Nara city Fire Department has confirmed.

Getting gun in Japan is not that easy, police will look from where the killer received the gun

Abe was shot at a political campaign event in western Japan earlier while giving a speech

Security officials at the scene tackled the gunman, and the 41-year-old suspect is now in police custody.

Abe was campaigning in the southern city of Nara for a parliamentary election - around 300 miles (480km) from the capital city Tokyo

He was giving a stump speech for political candidate Kei Sato - a current member of the Upper House running for re-election in Nara

– Two shots rang out and Abe is believed to have been shot in the neck

– He immediately collapsed and was rushed to the nearest hospital