Ram Gopal Varma's Not So Funny Tweet On Presidential Nominee Draupadi Murmu 

Director Ram Gopal Varma did it again and this time his not so funny comment on Presidential nominee Draupadi Murmu and Twitteratis schooled him for that

Ram Gopal Varma tweeted which reads: If DRAUPADI is the PRESIDENT who are the PANDAVAS ? And more importantly, who are the KAURAVAS?

Twitteratis got angry on his Tweet and schooled him for his Tweet, which is in bad taste

User: This tweet is in such a bad taste, for sure you will get the treatment deserved.  She is the president candidate for our nation and you keep blabbering as you like.

This is very damaging and unacceptable tweet from you. Elaboration of the name a woman in this way is not good. She is President contestant now. And surely wins as President.

Paon ki moch or gandi soch kabi insan ko uthna nahi deti