Pratik Sehajpal About His Fitness

Ex Bigg Boss and KKK12 contestant Pratik Sehajpal made a huge fanbase.   This fitness freak gentleman talked about his fitness routine.

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What is your cheat day food? I am a pure vegetarian. I eat everything & don’t have a fixed diet as such. However, I purposely avoid dairy.

Which is your favorite exercise? Push-ups, squats.  It is important to take care of your heart rate.

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What is your morning routine? Well, I take my minerals and vitamins in the morning. I drink half a liter of water and then shower. Post that, I come to the sets and look forward to doing exciting stunts. -

Fruits or juices?  None. I prefer ‘smoothies.’ (Laughs)

Fitness Tips to your fans? Eat a slightly lesser portion of what you generally eat. Often, our hunger is taken care of, but we tend to eat a little more to satisfy our minds entirely. We can cut down on that a little & thats perhaps the easiest way to keep a check on your weight n fitness.