PlayStation Plus subscription pricing Issues fixed by Sony

Sony’s refunding PlayStation Plus users who were forced to pay back discounts in order to upgrade to the new service

As the revamped subscription service went live in Asia on May 23rd, some users were reporting anyone trying to upgrade from a subscription they’d purchased at a discount was faced with paying back what they’d saved initially, plus the upgrade price for a new tier.

Essentially, for consumers to take advantage of the shiny new PlayStation Plus, Sony would get all their money.

There was also a similar situation for people who “stacked” PS Now subscriptions.

PS Now, which allows streaming older PlayStation games, currently costs $59.99 per year. Its equivalent tier in the new PlayStation Plus service is $119.99 per year.

So, in advance of the rollout, players were buying up years’ worth of subscription cards at the current price in hopes they’ll save a ton of money when the service rolls over.

Not only did Sony temporarily stop players from redeeming those cards, but it looked like anybody who had already stacked years of PS Now subscriptions might have had to pay the difference for all their redeemed time — something that would add up if they were carrying ten years worth of time as some folks were.