Pandya Store's Simran Budharup received rape threats

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Pandya Store fame Simran Budharup revealed she received rape threats for breaking Raavi and Dev's relationship in the show. The actress then went to the police station and complained.

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TV actress Simran Budharup who plays the role of Rishita in Pandya Store, recently revealed that she got rape and death threats on social media.

Yes, you read that right! The actress received threats on social media from young users for her role in the show.

In an interview with ETimes TV, Simran spoke her heart out about getting trolled for playing a negative role in Pandya Store and said that she ignored all the negative comments she received for her role.

Netizens started harassing her when she broke the relationship between Raavi and Dev in Pandya Store, and within no time, people began abusing her and making rape threats to her on social media.

The actress then went to the police station and complained. Simran revealed that a 13-14 age group of kids were the ones who threatened her. She even said she feels terrible for the kids when she reads nasty comments and learns that the young kids have done it.

Simran, who has a younger sister of almost the same age, says she does not know what she would do if her little sis did something like this.

Earlier, Simran took to her Instagram page and shared a note calling out the troll. She even shared videos interacting with the social media user, a young girl.

Simran wrote, "These are the kind of msgs that I've been receiving (death threats, rape threats and abusive slang ) only from shivi fans. This girl didn't even have the audacity to show her face.

 I'm going to call out all these small kids and make sure it reaches their parents.