One Piece Chapter 1053: A surprising addition (Spoiler)

One Piece Chapter 1053 drops yet another bombshell in the Wano Country arc.

Readers better take it all in because there won't be another chapter for the next month. Eiichiro Oda will be taking a break as he prepares for the final saga. In the meantime, readers have much to discuss in the upcoming chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1053 spoilers have just been released. All credit goes to Lebrent from the WG Forums, along with OroJapan.

Remember, these are only initial leaks, so that more information will arrive in the next few days.

Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kidd won't be happy to read the news in One Piece Chapter 1053. No wonder Scratchmen Apoo was eager to let them know:

With the recent downfall of Kaido and Big Mom, their replacements were to be expected. In the previous chapter, the Five Elders mentioned how there wasn't any way to cover up the news.

It was going to get out eventually. The bigger shock is that Buggy joined Luffy's ranks in the process.

Of course, Buggy continues to fail upwards, as he always does. One Piece Chapter 1053 doesn't reveal how it happened, but it's likely because of his powerful alliances.

Buggy controls the largest mercenary company in the world. By comparison, Law and Kid have no political influence themselves.