NTR 30: Koratala Siva to take 6 months break before starting the movie

Koratala Siva scored a disappointed fans with Acharya.  He now intends to take a lengthy layoff

While it was widely believed that Koratala Siva will take NTR30 onto the floors almost immediately after Acharya’s release, that doesn’t appear to be the case now.

Apparently, Siva intends to take a 6-month break from films before taking  Jr NTR’s NTR30 onto the floors.

He wishes to revamp his creative juices and take out Acharya’s failure from his thinking process.

Siva also plans on working on the script for the next 6 months before taking the project onto the floors.

But the big question is will Jr NTR wait for Siva for 6 months or will he take some other project onto the floors?