Millie Bobby Brown is 'so down' to play Halsey in a biopic after the singer approves

BY Bollywood Fever 15/06/2022

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown said in an Instagram story Tuesday that she's "sooooo down" to play singer-songwriter Halsey in a biopic, should one ever get made.

Brown's co-sign came after she got Halsey's approval on The Tonight Show on Monday night.

In a clip from the late-night appearance, which Brown shared on Instagram, host Jimmy Fallon suggested that Brown should play the musician after showing a picture of Halsey dressed up as Brown's Stranger Things character, Eleven.

The two do share a striking resemblance, as you can see up.

At first, Halsey joked that she would want Fallon to play her because she doesn't consider herself famous enough to get someone like Brown in the hypothetical role. "You'll do it, though, right?" Halsey asked, to which Fallon said, of course, he would.

Jokes aside, Halsey added, "No, Millie would be so great. It's uncanny how much we look alike, and it's like, oh, no, we look like sisters."

Halsey stopped by The Tonight Show to support her current tour, The Love and Power Tour.

In addition to the dream casting, she and Fallon discussed her baby's disdain for her singing voice and working on her makeup line, About-Face.

And though Brown isn't working on a Halsey biopic (yet), she's been keeping busy with Stranger Things, which will debut the final two episodes of season 4 on July 1, with a fifth and final season coming at a later date.

The first seven episodes of the hit show's fourth season are now streaming on Netflix.