Mike Pence Tries To Break Trump's grip on South Carolina Ahead Of 2024

Nate Leupp should be precisely the kind that political influencer Mike Pence can use to plot for a presidential run in 2024.

A Greenville director of the Christian Music store was a crucial player in the evangelical wings of the GOP in the upstate of South Carolina for 16 of his 42 years.

He has been a fan of Pence for many years. The governor watched in amazement as like-minded Republicans in the Greenville County chapter were ousted because they were not loyal enough to Donald Trump.

Yet, in 2024, should the South Carolina primary-come down to a choice between a former president who attempted to overthrow democracy to remain in power, or the past vice president who helped save it by refusing to follow through, Leupp said he would likely go with Trump.

“For all the negatives of President Trump, I’d take him again,” he said.

“His problem is: What part of the Republican Party does he see as his base?” wondered Winthrop University political science professor Scott Huffmon.

Huffmon said, while “Never Trumpers” will not forgive him for “kowtowing” to Trump for four years.

“This is an important tour for him to try to find a Mike Pence base in South Carolina after he’s potentially alienated both the pro-Trump and the never-Trump wings of the party,” Huffmon said.