Malti Chahar's Advice To Brother Deepak Chahar After Marriage Went Wrong

Deepak Chahar married his fiancée Jaya Bhardwaj on June 1, 2022, in Agra, and while he was leaving for his honeymoon, his sister Malti Chahar sent him a mischievous message.  Malti warned the India bowler to take care of his back since he is now out of action owing to a weak back.

Malti Tweeted: Ab ladki hui humari….Wish you guys a very happy married life📷 @deepak_chahar9 please take care of your back during your honeymoon..we have World Cup ahead

This went wrong with the netizens and some of them schooled Malti

Vicky Kumar: Seriously?? Aise advice to dost personally dete hai aur tum sister hoke publicly ye advice de rahi ho.. Western culture itna mat apnao ki apne sanskar he bhul jaye.. You people are followed by millions so be a good example

Maddy: A sister saying publicly to take care his back on honeymoon. Seriously!!Now if I say this is the cheapest advice a sister can say her brother then some ultra modern will start saying me archaic. But everyone knows what actually it's mean is!

Sheikh Malik: Such kiddish behaviour, sharing what a brother has to take care of in front of the whole world to see & what do you expect in return, well wishes! Waha Virat Kohli pagal hua pada hai ki usko lenge ya nahi world cup main ye injured player ki baat kar rahe hai.

Rohit Bishnoi: "take care of your back during your honeymoon"  Seriously she is his sister? Cringe max pro ultra.

Rohit: Are you sure Malti that you are Deepak’s sister because you didn’t sound like one.  SM pe cool dikhne ke liye log kuch bhi karte hain.

Kabir: Privilege of being a woman. If he had given same 'back' advice to sister publicly, he would have been roasted. But ladki ne bola to 'oh so cute'..