Kylian Mbappé will announce the decision on his future at 5am ET on Sunday

The Mbappé-Real Madrid story is going to be hectic until its denouement, which is very close.

These issues were resolved, as MARCA reported on Monday, last week. The terms were very different, as the scenario, to those of the previous summer, in which Real Madrid presented three formal offers

Offers were  160, 180 and 200 million euros, and even slipped through authorized intermediaries their predisposition to surpass the record signing of Neymar (222 million).

Mbappé met with his trusted people on Tuesday to analyze the situation and in the afternoon he spoke with PSG. With nothing completely clear, the choice was made to summon the two suitors to a verdict in the coming days.

The plan is for that to happen next Sunday, when the Frenchman intends to inform Real Madrid and PSG of what he wants to do with his career. Then, the roadmap is to agree with the chosen one how to communicate it publicly. At Real Madrid remain confident that the childhood dream of their desired next galactico will prevail.

Experience says that whoever previously opted to wear white had easier access to the European Cup and the Ballon d'Or, and, consequently, they consider that Mbappé needs to take this step.

The club did everything possible to take him from Monaco. They saw him almost in white, but.... "He told me: 'Vadim, deep inside me, I feel it's too early. I only played one year in my country, I'm Parisian, I don't want to leave my country like this. I want to become a great player here. Real will wait... That's my feeling," Monaco's president (Vadim Vasyliev) unveiled months later.

Since then, Mbappé is the great dream of Madrid. He is closer than ever, but this latest move generates an intrigue that was not expected.