Kichcha Sudeepa Apologized Chennai, Kochi & Hyderabad

Vikrant Rona actor and Abhinaya Chakravarthi Kichcha Sudeepa apologised Chennai, Kochi and Hyderabad press for cancelling the press meet


He was unwell due to this he has cancell the press meet. Kichcha Sudeep took social media to express his apologies.

He wrote: Apologies to all my media frnzz frm Chennai,Kochi & Hydarabad, for having canceled the press meet & event.

I have Been Unwell. Feeling much better & shall resume travel again. I hoping to Reschedule to a sooner date.

Looking forward to meeting u all.

He continued with: I also apologize to my friends at Vijaya Tv for being unable to participate in the inaugural episode of a reality show tat i had agreed for.

Was so looking forward to it. Shall surely make up for it.

My best wishes to the show and to each one associated to it.

Vikrant Rona all set release in Kannada Hindi Tamil Telugu and Malayalam on 22 July 2022.