Karan Kundrra Tweeted About Morphed Pictures

Ex Bigg Boss contestants and love birds Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash had a thread on Twitter about some fans who use Morphed pictures and abuses.

From past few days some of the fan clubs using morphed pictures of Karan Kundrra, KK took Twitter to address it.

KK Tweeted: Wow..! lowest of lows has been achieved by certain fandom.. editing pics morphing abuses hahah khud ki beizzati lol.. you must be so proud of them T #AreYouSerious!!!!

Tejasswi replied to it: Proud of? M confused… such people can’t be my fans… people who have these thoughts about you… or for that matter about anyone… I still am with my guy to make him understand… but people need to understand when you use such harsh words against someone…people can break…peace

And a cute reply from Karan: Awe baby you take things very seriously lol.. these frustrated low lives don’t affect me and the only thing that’s breaking here is their hypocrisy 📷📷 aag lage inki soap mentality mein Kundrra hamesha masti mein

There are always some fans who go out of board and do weird things and this case is one of them.