Karan Kundrra Said  Tejasswi is the best girlfriend in the world

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By Bollywood Fever

The love which started from Bigg Boss 15 house is growing day by day and TejRan fans loving it

When asked about his girlfriend Tejasswi Prakash Karan Kundrra said: She is the best girlfriend in the world hands down


“I personally don’t have any issue about having extra attention,”

“It’s a part of my life. I’m a human being, and so are the people watching us or clicking out photos. Also, I don’t believe that a lot of things are supposed to be done (as a star) like appearance (together).”

“And similarly, I will not be affected by it all, thinking ‘arrey camera hain’. I am not going to get conscious or hide anything. So, (having a relationship in the public eye) is not difficult. It is what Tejasswi and I choose. There is a lot of attention, fans and paps, but we (always) find our space.”

He added: “Well, in India, after Ranveer Singh, I think I have been officially named as the best boyfriend, because I am very vocal and very expressive,”

“The thing about Tejasswi is that whatever she does in and the way she is… woh aata nahi hai (bahar). Like when we are getting papped, I am (showing) more (affection), be it holding more, kissing her, and just being expressive. ”

She isn’t like that. I’d definitely say hands down that she is the best girlfriend in the world because of the amount of time she gets, which is hardly anything, she still manages everything. And I see her do it, which is amazing.