Karan Kundrra: I Have Changed A Lot After Bigg Boss 15

Karan Kundrra: I Have Changed A Lot After Bigg Boss 15

Karan Kundrra is everywhere post Bigg Boss 15

He said: I think now I'm calmer about my life post BB15. You learn a lot about ur ethics, principles, what kind of people u like, what kind of friends should one have, a lot of such things about yourself u come to know...

“Also, I don’t repent doing anything that I shouldn’t have done inside the Bigg Boss house.

In fact, maine apni zindagi mein kuch repent nahi kiya. Yes, about the mistakes that I've made, I have either been unapologetic about them or extremely apologetic about them”

Karan Kundrra about her relationship with Tejasswi Prakash “We don’t hide anything. We are taking it slowly. As far as marriage is concerned, madam ke pass time kahan hai.

Har interview mein woh mere upar phenk deti hai & now I will be putting it on to her.

The funny part is our parents meet each other more than us as they have more time. But we are going with the natural progression as of now.”

He talked about his professional life  When it comes to fiction, it is my forte. But now I also need to be part of good stories. I've promised myself that I'll not do any faltu ke projects.

There are two kinds of people – ek jo aapke paise banane ke liye hote hain aur ek jo aapko grow karane ke liye.