Jordan Poole Commented on Ja Morant Injury Incident

“I was going for the ball. … I’m not even that type of player, I respect everybody.

Hopefully he gets better, and we can see him out there next game.”

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But the Grizzlies had plenty to say about the cause of the injury – specifically calling out Warriors guard Jordan Poole for grabbing Morant’s knee during a scramble for the ball with 6:55 left in the game.

Poole and Andrew Wiggins had trapped Morant near halfcourt. Poole poked the ball loose from behind, then reached again with his right hand, but caught Morant’s knee instead.

The sequence wasn’t evident in real time, but the Grizzlies were clearly incensed after watching the slow-motion replays after the game.

“He was going after a dribble and Jordan Poole actually grabbed his knee and yanked it, which kind of triggered whatever happened,” coach Taylor Jenkins said.

Jenkins stopped short of saying Poole did it intentionally, but he did imply the play should be reviewed by the league—presumably to determine whether any discipline is warranted.

“I’m actually going to be very curious to see what happens after that,” Jenkins said, alluding to a possible league review.

The night turned into another back-and-forth of grievances, snipes, and counterattacks, extending a series-long debate about fouls and foul play.

Warriors star Draymond Green was ejected in Game 1 for a brutal takedown of Grizzlies forward Brandon Clarke—play officials deemed a flagrant foul penalty-2. However, the Warriors argued it wasn't that severe.