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Plot: The missing case of a teacher named Prakashan is reported at the police station where John Luther works as a CI. As the investigation progresses, John meets with an accident in a scuffle while investigating another case.

(3.5/5) -An engaging thriller that works upon good writing backed-up by a superior technical side & good performances.1st half went on a decent note,2nd half is well engaged for the audience.Villain characterisation is very gud. DOP is damn brilliant.  Winner

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John Luther Movie Review: A Well-Made Atmospheric Thriller That Works Best As An Origins Story

John Luther   -A good/engaging thriller.  -Technically strong with a good DOP side and BG score.  -Good casting. -Solid performance from Jayasurya as always.  [ Do not expect an 5aam pathira or memories ]  A good watch : 3/5

#Johnluther Decent Thriller.. Good Performances📷 Back Ground Music 📷Dop Also Good📷...  3.25/5

John Luther review: Abhijith Joseph’s riveting story and direction outshine Jayasurya’s potent performance

One of the best thrillers made in Malayalam Cinema post 2010. BGM, DOP, Performances and Direction 📷 #Jayasurya has a big winner here post #Aadu2 .   SURE SHOT HIT 📷 4/5