Jennifer Lawrence Used to Pretend Ellen DeGeneres Was Interviewing Her on the Toilet

The actress opens up about how "every time it was a No. 2" when she was in her teens, she pretended she was being interviewed by the 'Ellen' host.

Before she was an Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence used to pretend that she was being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres while she was on the toilet.

So for Monday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host called Lawrence, who also happens to be her neighbor, while she was — where else? — on the toilet. The segment, released to media outlets on Sunday, was an audio interview, and not video (for obvious reasons),

so we’ll have to take their word for it that Lawrence was indeed in the bathroom. (Coincidentally, the two are now neighbors, with Lawrence living in a house once owned by DeGeneres, who moved to the house next door.)

During the interview, they talked about how Lawrence’s dream one day was to be successful enough to be interviewed by the likes of DeGeneres.

Asked if she ever pretended she was being interviewed by any other talk show hosts, Lawrence replied: “Oprah [Winfrey], obviously. A little bit of [David] Letterman. But I was really into your show. So pretty much every time it was a No. 2, it was you,” she quipped to DeGeneres.

The host noted how remarkable it was that her pretend interviews had become a reality.

“To be in Kentucky, to actually be sitting on the toilet pretending that you’re getting interviewed by somebody, then end up being a big superstar, and now being interviewed talking about sitting on a toilet pretending to be interviewed,” DeGeneres said.