Infosys CEO Salil Parekh's Salary Huge Jump Some Twitterati's are not happy with it

Infosys CEO Salil Parekh's Salary Jumps to Rs 71 crore After 88% Hike in 2021-22

Parekh’s compensation during 2021-22 included Rs 5.69 crore base salary, Rs 0.38 crore retiral benefits, Rs 12.62 crore bonus and incentives and Rs 52.33 crore in perquisites on account of stock options exercised, according to the annual report.

Infosys CEO exercised 2,29,792 stock units under the 2015 stock option plan and 1,48,434 units under the 2019 plan during the last fiscal.

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LOL, this is the reality. Employees getting 1 or 2% hike with reason as inflation and market conditions, CEO gets a raise of 88%. Apparently there is no inflation when it comes to CEO and upper management. No wonder #Infosys' attrition rate is the highest.

When your CEO gets 88% salary hike, why can't you give the existing employees atleast 40%.  If the companies doesn't fill this gap then it's high time they face attrition and lose top talents obviously.

So only the #Infosys CEO is delivering value to the company and received 88% hike. Are other employees even required?

When employees are not even received 5% salary hike here CEO is getting 88% hike.

Looks like only CEO at #Infosys is working, rest all engineers are just warming up the benches

Fill in some text #Infosys has recommended revising the compensation package of its CEO #SalilParekh to Rs 79.75 cr, up 88% from his previous salary of Rs 42.50 cr.  Itna to Job change karne pe bhi nahi milta…..📷📷📷