Imlie Latest Update: Madhav’s fondness for Imlie leaves Aryan furious

The latest episode of Imlie begins with Jyoti’s evil plan.

Jyoti asks Harry to shoot Imlie when she is in the cultural show. Imlie reaches the spot to record the kids being a part of the cultural show.

On the other hand, Harry targets Imlie and tries to shoot at her and the kids. However, he fires the gun, and Imlie manages to save herself and the kids.

Aryan sees Madhav from a distance and decides to give him a second chance for Imlie’s sake.

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He calls him into his cabin and starts interrogating him.  Aryan asks him what happened during the sting operation.

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Madhav reveals Imlie got injured on the day of their sting operation. Things worsen as Madhav starts giving away too many details about Imlie’s personality during the sting operation. Madhav says that he is Imlie’s biggest fan and loves it when she spends time with him.

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Aryan gets furious and snaps at Madhav, and he asks him to shut up and not retake Imlie’s name. Aryan fires Madhav from the job and throw him out of the house. Imlie receives appreciation and love from the students and their parents. The parents thank Imlie for saving their children.

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Towards the end of the episode, Aryan gets into a physical fight with Madhav. Aryan repeatedly hits him and asks him never to retake Imlie’s name. Imlie walks him and stops Aryan from fighting Madhav. Aryan, however, calls the cops on Madhav.