Hilary Duff: Supreme Court's Abortion Decision Means 'I Don't Matter.'

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I was feeling powerless. Hilary Duff shared an emotional post about the Supreme Court's "cruel" decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, explaining that she was shocked and heartbroken by the ruling that ended the federal right to abortion.

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"Sorry I've been quiet. [I'm] kind of in a state of shock since the ruling," the Younger alum, 34, wrote via her Instagram Story on Monday, June 26, three days after the ruling.

"[I've been] feeling powerless, feeling like since I am a woman, I don't matter.

My life doesn't matter. It's a man's world, still. It's a horrible feeling."

Explaining that she didn't know what action to take in the wake of the news that several states — including her home state of Texas — would quickly ban abortions, Duff continued, "None of this makes sense.

The world is cruel. [Things are] backward and upside down." Acknowledging that as a "privileged white woman," she has never "had to deal with a feeling like this" before, the How I Met Your Father star shared a message of love and support for those who will be most affected by the new laws.

"I'm angry. I'm confused," Duff wrote. "If you are black, brown, gay, trans, a woman, a pregnant teen, I love you, and I'm sorry for all of the tough days you've fought through and all the tough days to come."