Gautam Adani Met France President


Gautam Adani met France President Emmanuel Macron Yesterday.


Adani tweeted: Fascinating to hear from Prez @EmmanuelMacron at Chateau Versailles.

His belief in power of regional democracies and a multipolar world is indeed refreshing.

We are honoured to support his global energy transition agenda and India / France cooperation.

In other news, French President asked to explain 'secret deals' alleged in 'Uber files' leak.

French President Emmanuel Macron is being accused of having brokered a secret deal to ease Uber's arrival into the country and opposition politicians are asking for him to explain what happened.

It is claimed that Macron facilitated Uber's arrival in France in, 2014, via secret meetings and backroom deals.

The opposition in France called for the president to explain himself

Far-left MP Alexis Corbière says he is considering the creation of a Parliamentary inquiry commission to look into the matter.