Elon Musk Asks Is Tik Tok destroying civilization?

The Billionaire Elon Musk Tweeted today and asked is Tik Tok destroying civilization?

He Tweeted: Is TikTok destroying civilization? Some people think so. In another Tweet: Or perhaps social media in general

One user replied to it: Technology, specifically Social Media, will be the bane of our society. Look at our cultural norms today. We  are becoming incapable of face to face interaction. We are becoming a more pessimistic, divided, & violent society. Look forward 20 years. Are we still a society?

User2: I don’t think so, there are many good things it’s doing by promoting connections between people, but it might be exacerbating certain problems(instagram controversy)… Listening to the experts studying the problems is important…

User 3: Elon, Social Media is an evil of which I cannot describe. We don’t talk face to face, we don’t chat on the phone, we don’t write notes or letters to each other. I’m showing my age but I miss the only land line phone located in my kitchen as a child, and local news @ 5 pm

User 4: Social media I believe is radicalizing people and making them addicted to outrage and revenge. Its extremely toxic. I feel people are more constantly at each other's throats here than IRL. People are easily manipulated into rage and fighting.

User 5: The engagement model for the social media has to be such that you can give a message a thought, analyse and come back to debate on it! Only then twitter can promote good conversations.  viral videos, popular tweets and all the other crap that overloads the feed and such nuisance!