Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey claims ex-fiancé Johnny Depp was ‘crazy jealous and paranoid’

The pair met after Grey’s agent set her up on a blind date with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor in 1989 – two years after the release of Dirty Dancing.

Describing their first date, she wrote in her memoir Out of the Corner: “We ate, talked, drank Jack Daniel’s, laughed our asses off, took cigarette breaks midcourse.

He was so ridiculously beautiful. And surprisingly open, funny, quirky and sweet…”

She said that Depp proposed to her within two weeks of meeting her and they got a pekinese-poodle puppy called Lulu.

“She was our practise baby and someone to keep me company when Johnny was out of town,” wrote Grey.

Grey wrote: “Johnny was commuting every week back and forth from Vancouver, but had begun more and more regularly to be getting into trouble: fights in bars, skirmishes with cops.

“He’d started missing his flights home to LA having overslept or, when he did come home, he’d be crazy jealous and paranoid about what I’d been up to while he was gone. I attributed his ill temper and unhappiness to him feeling miserable and powerless to get off [the TV series] 21 Jump Street.”

She broke her off her engagement with Depp just before her 29th birthday, after he left for a meeting and didn’t come back or contact her for many hours.