Diddy is all about "love" these days ... maybe a little too much, because 2 women in his life are going at each other now after both were in Las Vegas where he hosted the Billboard Music Awards.

In one corner, City Girls rapper Yung Miami, and in the other Diddy's muse, model Gina Huynh -- Miami was at the BBMAs as a presenter, while Gina was a very interested spectator.

She posted from the show, saying "Baby Daddy is hosting Billboards."

Diddy after-partied hard Sunday night with Yung Miami, but things got messy Tuesday when Gina shared a pic of Brother Love's lips on her cheek -- and prompted YM to fire off more than a few subtweets.

Somebody please give this bi*ch some attention!

Notice me please ass bitch go sit down! WE SEE YOU RELAX IT’S ok! You been (AROUND) just (AROUND) for years! You been waiting on this moment if he can’t make you famous bitch I ain’t!

Attention? Bi*ch I am the attention let’s be clear!

Ian arguing with no bi*ch that got cheap a** lint ball carpet in they house fu**ing on a billionaire! You freaky a** bi*ch!

I am and that’s why I fu*k with yo nigga & ain’t coming off him idc how many pics you post!

Get that head, bread, & leave 📷

Most notably, she's saying she will continue to see Diddy no matter how many pics Gina drops on the 'Gram.

And, then it got nasty as Gina invited Miami to dine on male genitalia -- not Diddy's we're guessing -- and eventually plugged her own rap song.

Diddy, for his part, has remained mum about the women sparring over him ... at least, publicly. Seems wise.