Cardi B & Lilly Singh to Be Firefighters on Cardi Tries

Cardi B is playing with fire literally. 

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On the newest episode of her Facebook television series Cardi Tries, the 29-year-old rap star teamed up with comedian Lilly Singh to receive real-life firefighting training from the City of Monrovia fire department — letting out a couple of terrified screams in the process.

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In an exclusive clip shared with Billboard of the Friday (June 24) episode, Cardi and Singh stand back and watch at first as Monrovia’s fire chief Brad lights a controlled fire that springs to life so fast that it takes both ladies by surprise.

“Oh snap!” Cardi yells as the 33-year-old YouTube personality says: “I think my eyebrows came off!”

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Cardi is then guided by Brad and training captain Harvey while she sprays a small fire with a tank of extinguishers.

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With both women dressed in full protective suits, Singh cheers on her partner, yelling, “Get it, girl, get it, girl!” as the “Rumors” rapper aims and sweeps the small but mighty fire with her hose.

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“Putting out the fire was scary because you never know,” the “Bodak Yellow” artist tells the camera afterward. “Sometimes when you see TV and people try to put out fires, and it just gets bigger — it’s like, how would I know if it’s going to get bigger?”

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The pair also practice CPR, learn how to suit up in their gear in less than a minute, and try saving a dummy from a burning building — during which Singh parodies Cardi’s song “WAP” by singing, “Some hose in this house.”

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The new episode wraps up with the two presenting the firefighters with Oculus devices, a year’s supply of meat, and a donation to Foothill Unity Center.