Bitcoin/BTC Trading WhatsApp Groups Scam/Fraud

Many WhatsApp groups are scamming people in the name of Bitcoin/BTC Trading.

We have seen many cases where first they add you to a Whatsapp Group with names like BTC VIP, WEALTH GROUP, etc.

Then there will be people who ask questions, and some analysts reply to them, and it looks legitimate.

But after some time, they will ask you to invest more every few days and promise to double it.

They start with a small amount like 50 USD to 100 USD and double your money, and then comes the scam.

And there are chances that they can force you to invest more, and you will lose your money.

Please be careful and cross-check many times before investing 100 or thousands of dollars.

In the past four months, unidentified people have set up hundreds of WhatsApp groups and promised big returns on each crypto-investment

All these groups, with names like BTC Fortune VIPBTC Get Rich VIPBTC Contract VIP, and so on, have the same modus operandi and conduct their business with scanty company details and zero legal contracts.

In some of these groups tracked by Inc42, crypto investments worth $400-$500 happen every day.

Terabytes have been written about the modus operandi of major crypto scams involving BitconnectGainBitcoinOneCoin, and others.

Interestingly, almost all the help numbers listed by the so-called BTC investment analysts are Hong Kong numbers only.

On the face of it, it is as simple as ABC. After creating a group and adding hundreds of numbers, a person acting as a BTC investment analyst starts with a welcome note and then cuts to the chase.

Check before investing any money in these groups