Berserk Manga to Persist Following Creator's Death

Last year, Berserk fans bid farewell to the series' beloved creator, and Kentaro Miura has been deeply missed. As for their manga, Berserk's future was left uncertain as its editorial team worked quietly behind the scenes to sort through Miura's final wishes for the series.

Now, the editorial team has updated fans about its plans for Berserk, and it turns out the hit manga will continue under the careful eye of Miura's closest friend. According to the Young Animal editorial team, Miura left notes for the crew, which covers the entirety of Berserk from start to finish.

The creator made sure the team would have the resources necessary to finish the manga without him if need be. Sadly, his passing has forced Miura's notes to the forefront, and his longtime friend Kouji Mori will oversee Berserk as it moves back into production.

In a statement offered on Twitter, the Berserk team said: Mori has the "full support" of manga's publishing company Young Animal and the team of assistants that supported Miura on Berserk.  However, it is currently unclear how much more of Berserk (which began running in 1989) will be released.

The series will resume in the next issue of Young Animal's magazine, and the following six chapters will conclude the Fantasia Arc.

A new arc will begin after this, and though the publisher calls this period of Berserk "the last episode that we have put together," it did not say how long the story will go on or if this new arc will be the final one.

"Upon resuming the series, our production team decided on a basic policy: Mr. Miura said so," the Young Animal editing department announced. "This is what the production team kept in mind."