Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2: Ram comes to know a SHOCKING truth about Pihu

After several exciting twists and turns in the story of BALH2, Priya and Ram have once again crossed the paths, and ever since then, things have gone haywire in their lives.

Ram does not want Priya to be back in his life and doesn't want to keep any relations with the Sood family.

We all know that Ram has not just crossed the paths with Priya but also with Pihu, who is his daughter.

However, he is still under the feeling that Priya and Krish had a baby together.

Interestingly, Pihu and Ram have crossed paths several times, but he never knew about her truth.

In the upcoming episode, the viewers will again see Ram and Pihu will come face to face.   Ram will now know that Pihu is Priya and Krish's daughter, which will bring a big shock to his life.

Ram was very hurt when Priya confessed that she was pregnant with Krish's baby.

Here, Krish is not even aware of the drama that is going on.

Pihu is exactly like Ram, and the viewers have seen their cute NOK-jhok and how they have developed a special connection.

But now that Ram knows about Pihu's truth, it seems he will distance himself from her.