Ask Malavika Question Answers

Ask Malavika Question Answers

Malavika Mohanan is an Indian actress who worked in Malayalam Tamil Telugu Kannada and Hindi Films.

She is the daughter of cinematographer K. U. Mohanan, She made her acting debut with the romantic drama Pattam Pole (2013).

Here are Ask Malavika Q and A's

why are u not doing Telugu films mam u have such a huge craze in tollywood and I'm ur biggest fan

So good to hear that! 📷📷 have signed my first telugu film! Starting shooting for it soon! Can’t wait! Soo excited 📷

What is your favorite quote about women? #AskMalavika

“Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women”- Maya Angelou 📷

Who is ur inspiration??

I get inspired by anyone and everyone who achieves something that’s deemed impossible or beyond limits by most people!

Few words for ranbir kapoor

My favouriteeee actor in Bollywood! 📷

Your favourite Music director ?

📷 !@anirudhofficial

one word about DQ 📷

The most fun co-star! We could talk for hours and not get bored during ‘pattam pole’ shoot! Such similiar worldviews we had on things too! 📷

SirFew Words about@urstrulyMahesh

Stylish MAX star! 📷 Had met him once when my father was shooting for ‘Maharshi’ with him & I was visiting my father in Hyderabad. He was so humble and sweet to talk to and made me feel so welcome!

Few Words about @alluarjun

Pushpa is massss broooo 📷 what swag he has! Loved him in the film!

Your favourite place in Chennai #AskMalavika

Keerthy’s house! 📷 she has a lovely home and is so sweet & welcoming!

#AskMalavika you shared screen with tamil big stars like @rajinikanth sir and @actorvijay sir after that with whom you are eager to act with? @MalavikaM_

Really want to act in a romantic or rom com movie with Vijay Deverakonda :)

One Word For SRK

My first and forever crush! SRK! 📷📷📷 when I met him the first time I was so nervous, he was standing in front of me & I couldn’t even get up to say hi because I was so scared and starstruck! Hehe 📷

Few Words About Thalapathy

I think I’ve said so much about him by now that everyone knows he’s my favourite. But here, saying again in case anybody’s forgotten- he always will be very special to me & will always always be my favourite no matter where I am or who I am working with

#AskMalavika any chance of working in Kannada movies ?  If yes, you fav co-star?

I have been a big fan of Yash even before KGF part 1 released & always believed he would make it big! So happy and inspiring to see his journey and see him shine like this! 📷 I hope get to work with him soon :)

If not actor what would have u became?📷

A cinematographer