We Will Not Let Her Walk Freely In Maharashtra : Karni sena

Kangana Ranaut made a statement on Friday that, “Four historians have certified Manikarnika, we have got censor certificate as well, Karni Sena has been conveyed this but they are continuing to harass me. If they don’t stop then they should know I am also a Rajput and I will destroy each one of them.”

To this karni sena president ajay singh sengar replied

“If she continues to threaten the members of our outfit, we will not let her walk freely in Maharashtra and will burn her film sets.” He also said that if the film in any way insults Rani Laxmibai, the Hindu society would not forgive her.

In another story kangana dismissed the news of paralytic stroke to the producer kamal jain she said :
“He is doing fine. The reports are misleading. He fell sick last week and is on his way to recovery. I am in touch with him everyday. Request everyone to please stop backing sensational reports,” 

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