Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

The US did not get the hot Yaris; however, now getting Gazoo Racing’s sequel.

The majority of the time, Toyota is known for its cars’ reliability; however, they are boring.

However, among the millions of RAV4s or Camrys, there’s evidence of a wilder side.

It’s Supra, for instance. Supra and the Supra that is attractive in a way very few cars today. Also, the GR Yaris was developed to be a rally car homologated before a rule change that made it obsolete.

“GR” stands for Gazoo Racing. “GR” is a reference to Gazoo Racing.

Gazoo Racing’s GR magic has transformed the Yaris into a popular cult.

Toyota hasn’t sold this tiny three-cylinder, all-wheel-drive pocket rocket to the US market; however, it is expected to bring its successor to the GR Corolla, the GR Corolla, to the nation.

The GR Corolla is also powered by a turbocharged 1.6 L three-cylinder engine and includes AWD and goes into a sale later in the year.

As with the GR Yaris and the GR Yaris, similar to the Yaris, the GR Corolla is built at a complete factory located in Motomachi, Japan, instead of being manufactured in the standard Corolla production line in its Takaoka plant.

Stronger welds and adhesives have strengthened the body of the car.

Buyers have the option of having a forged carbon-fiber roof that can reduce weight in the needed areas.

Its GR version is wider than the standard Corolla due to flared wheel arches.

Additionally, it’s fitted with vents and grilles that can be used to suck in air to cool it or let the air work by redirecting it in the desired direction.

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

New Toyota GR Corolla design

GR cars aren’t exactly subtle, and the Toyota GR Corolla is no exception.

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

Upfront, it gets a huge squared-off grille with functional thin air intakes sitting on either side. This bit’s practically a carbon copy of the smaller Yaris.

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

It’s a bit wider too, and you’ll spot its boxier super-aggressive wheel arches. 18-inch lightweight alloy wheels come as standard, too.

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

Things get even crazier at the back. A huge rear wing has been strapped on, there’s an aggressive diffuser plus a wicked tri-exit exhaust.

New Toyota GR Corolla engine and drive

The Toyota GR Corolla yanks its engine and four-wheel-drive system from the GR Yaris. Though with a little more power at 300hp and 370Nm of torque.

Plus, it comes with a manual gearbox too. No auto option here (enthusiasts, rejoice).

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

You’ll be able to control how the GR Corolla distributes its power, too. As standard, it’ll send 60% to the front and 40% to the rear. A grip-focused mode gives that a perfect 50/50 split, while a skid-oriented setup will let you send 70% to the rear.

You’ll need to opt for the Performance Pack for that, though, which brings two limited-slip differentials.

New Toyota GR Corolla interior and infotainment

There are some tweaks to the interior of the GR Corolla for a sportier feel, too. Faux-leather sports seats make an appearance, along with some red stitching and GR badges dotted about.

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

A 12-inch digital driver’s display has been included too, along with an upgraded 8-inch infotainment system. The latter now has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard.

New Toyota GR Corolla price and release date

Toyota GR Corolla all-wheel drive, and 300 hp

The catch? You won’t be able to buy the Toyota GR Corolla if you’re in the UK or Europe. Boo.

If you’re in America though, you’re in luck. No word yet on pricing, but expect it to cost around $45,000.

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