Thugs Of Hindostan Monday Business-Week-2

Thugs Of Hindostan showing no sign of staying in third week

movie came down to lacs in its second Monday and now  there is no chance of even touching 150cr.

TOH collected 75lacs on Monday

Here is the collection break up

Thu Day 1  50.75 cr,

Fri  Day 2 28.25 cr,

Sat  Day 3 22.75 cr,

Sun Day 4 17.25 cr,

Mon Day 5 5.50 cr,

Tue Day 6 4.35 cr,

Wed Day 7 3.50 cr.

Thu Day 8 3cr.

Fri Day 8 2.25cr.

Sat Day 9 1.75cr.

Sun Day 10 1 cr.

Mon Day 11 0.75cr.


Total 140.25 cr.


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