Rangoli Chandel Blasts Jitesh Pillai Over His Post On Heena khan’s Cannes Appearance

The Bold sisters of bollywood Kangana ranaut and Rangoli chandel were in controversies all the time.

This time its Rangoli chandel who blasts Filmfare editor Jitesh Pillai who posted on social media a post on Heena khan’s appearance

Rangoli tweeted with a picture she wrote:

Look at him, an actor has gone to a film festival purely cos of her hardwork to present her film and here ⁦@jiteshpillaai⁩ Moushi ji humiliating her that too openly just cause she is an outsider, this is movie mafia and that’s why Kangana has pledged to destroy them.



and twitteratis supporting rangoli and we too think the same.


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