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Kangana in and Vidya Balan Out Of Jayalalitha Biopic

Vidya balan who was first approached for Ex CM of Tamil Nadu Late Jayalalitha’s Biopic is out now and Kangana ranaut grabbed it.

The biopic of actress politician and ex CM of TN Late jayalalitha is making by Director A L Vijay, Biopic will be in Tamil and Hindi languages named as Thalaivi.


As per bollywood hungama Vidya is out because she was asking too many questions to the producers “As Vidya became increasingly questioning about her role the producers got uncomfortable with her inquisitiveness. They probably had no answers at that point of time.” Exactly! You heard it right. Apparently, Balan’s inquisitive nature was not gelling well with the producer.

Vidya is right now holidaying in Bali

she posted on instagram


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