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Captain marvel 6th all time worldwide opening weekend

Marvel studio’s Captain Marvel became 6th all time worldwide opening weekend

Captain marvel collected 455M worldwide in its first weekend

Avanger infinity war, Fast and Furious 8 and star wars The force awakens are the top 3 highest first weekend


1.Avengers:InfinityWar – $640.5 Million
2.Fast and Furious 8 – $541.9M
3.StarWars:TFA – $529M
4.JurassicWorld – $525.5M
5.HarryPottertheDeathlyHallows Part2 – $483.2 M
6.CaptainMarvel – $455M

Country wise break up

China $89.3M
Korea $24.1M
UK $16.8M
Brazil $13.4M
Mexico $12.8M
Australia $10.7M
Indonesia $10.1M
Russia $9.8M
France $9.2M
Germany $7.8M
India $6.9M

Global $455M

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