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Avengers star Chris Hemsworth in India

The handsome Chris Hemsworth is now in India and is loving every bit of it. He is shooting for the Netflix thriller, Dhaka. He posted quite a few videos from Ahmedabad, where the shoot is currently on. We can see him getting ready and he candidly says he is a guy who plays ‘dress-up’ for a living. In another video, it looks like he is at a rock concert. However, the one we loved the best is where he flaunted his welcome package to India. He got a chocolate hammer as part of it. We know that Thor’s weapon is the hammer and here Chris has bit off a part of it. He loves the hammers and confessed on Jimmy Kimmel’s show that he has five of them at his residence. We know that his wife, Elsa and he are foodies and have a huge craving for chocolate.

The film will also be shot in Mumbai and Thailand. It is a thriller set in India and Bangaldesh, where Hemsworth stages a rescue for a kidnapped child. We so love his gritty look. It is produced by the Avengers duo of Joe and Anthony Russo. Sam Hargrave is directing the thriller. He did double for Chris Evans’ stunt scenes in Marvel movies. Manoj Bajpayee and Randeep Hooda are also a part of Dhaka

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